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Father of 3 – Victim of a HIT AND RUN

On Tuesday 7th June 2011 at approximately 7:30pm, A friend of mine was cycling home from a day at work, heading southbound on Princes Highway near Preston Ave in Engadine. He was struck from behind by a car at approximately 60kmh/hour then rammed into the back of a parked car suffering very serious injuries.

His name is Greg Holden.

Greg is a loving father of 3 kids, a husband and a friend of many who consider Greg the most caring and down-to-earth, genuine person on this planet.

Greg was admitted to St George hospital with severe trauma requiring immediate surgery to his face which has many lacerations. Greg also has severe injuries to his right arm & hand which may require surgery depending on the outcome of scans to Greg’s most serious injury, his broken neck.

Greg is self-employed (not a desk job either) and out of work for an unknown period of time due to his injuries.

As the driver of the car that hit Greg fled the scene leaving him to die, Greg is unable to claim for insurance or compensation due to no person coming forward and being ‘at fault’.

If anybody was a witness to the incident, or has seen a car with a broken windscreen or any damage that would indicate they have hit somebody; Or even if you have any (albeit minor) information about the incident – Please come forward.

Constable Dave Maione from Sutherland Local Area Command will be able to take your call on (02) 9542 0899.

Alternatively you can contact myself if you wish to remain anonymous or do not wish to speak to police, I can be contacted via email at: [email protected]

If you can also help spread this message, by forwarding this on to anybody who lives in the area and may have seen something, It would be greatly appreciated.
- Greg’s Familly and Friends

Twitter Acquires Tweetdeck

A little over a year ago, Twitter purchased the most successful iPhone application for using the mini-messaging social networking service, Tweetie. Twitter took that product, made it free and hasn’t really looked back since. Now, it plans to do the same with the popular TweetDeck application.

TweetDeck is more widespread, as it runs as a desktop app via Adobe Air, on Google Chrome as a Web app, an iOS app and on Android. But the long and short of it is, Twitter now has its bases covered for ways to interact with the core service in all arenas.

The deal, which has been speculated on for some months as one of the more straightforward moves that Twitter could make, is for around US$ 40 million and takes TweetDeck off the table as other companies were interested in buying.

The British-based TweetDeck team is currently touting TweetDeck 2.0 for iPhone and will probably keep on churning out the goods for their new masters. The app, for those out of the loop, helps create columns of topics that users can keep an eye on, an approach not unique to TweetDeck, but it is often the most mentioned.

Buy a Frame of a BitTorrent-Only Horror Movie

Even as Hollywood continues to pull in huge profits from its existing business model, the lure of even greater riches inspires the relentless pursuit of filesharing-related platforms such as The Pirate Bay, isoHunt and more recently, Newzbin. The studios hope that one day sharing will be crushed and people will have no other choice than to consume media through conventional authorized pay channels.

While that is Hollywood’s prerogative, others are beginning to realize that being able to exercise that level of control is probably a thing of the past and are exploring means to embrace disruptive technologies such as BitTorrrent by embedding them into their creative projects.

One such endeavor is a horror movie set to be released for free later this year by Julian Harvey and Enzo Tedeschi who together form Australia-based Distracted Media.

The Tunnel is a story based on the real-life networks of tunnels under Sydney, Australia. Created decades ago, the tunnels were supposed to be used as a rail network but construction on them was discontinued. Twenty years later they became U.S. General Macarthur’s headquarters during the Second World War but were later abandoned. A few years ago they made the news again when Sydney ran short of water and plans were made to utilize the flooding in the tunnels.

“After much fanfare the proposal mysteriously vanished… and so the story begins…,” tease the filmmakers.

The funding for the film is being handled by the ‘135K project’ – a reference to the 135,000 frames that will be present in the finished 90 minute movie. A freshly launched website invites people to invest directly by buying a single frame of the movie for $1, 25 frames (1 second) for $25 or a minute for $1,500.

“The funding / distribution concept is an extension of something I was a part of on my last film, a feature doco titled Food Matters,” Enzo Tedeschi told TorrentFreak. “We deliberately did not seek out a theatrical release, and instead decided to market directly to our niche audience online with direct-to-DVD and VOD. It was a huge success, and even now 2 years after its first release, we are still breaking into new territories and have sold around 120,000 DVDs.”

No media these days is excluded from becoming available on the Internet, and Enzo’s previous production was no different.

“It just takes a quick Google search to see the endless torrents for that [Food Matters], too. The production company was nowhere near big enough to even try and fight it, so it was accepted that it would happen. So this time around I figured we should try and embrace that huge potential audience and make it a part of our strategy,”

“The Internet was meant to be a tool to connect us. It was meant to break down borders and liberate. Now we have an entire generation who are being labeled criminals for using that tool. But perhaps rather than wasting millions of dollars fighting a losing battle against internet piracy, we should try and find a way to embrace the possibilities that this new world brings.”

An added twist for investors is that one lucky frame-buyer will be selected to receive 1% of the profits from the movie – Enzo is confident that the film will be making money.

“People always ask ‘But how will you make money?’. It’s because they are stuck in a old way of thinking. We’re confident we can turn a profit on this film doing it this way, and I think people will be surprised to see how this works,”

Tech Support Call: Pacman On My Home Page

Back when I did phone support, many moons ago – I did receive some calls like this from people who had unplugged their mouse, or inserted their pre-paid internet card into their floppy drive.

Underwater Base Jumping

FREE FALL: World champion freediver Guillaume – Does a very special dive at Dean’s Blue Hole, the deepest blue hole in the world filmed entirely on breath held by the french champion, Julie Gautier.

Hi-Tec: Walking on Water (Liquid Mountaineering)

Hi-Tec has come up with a brilliantly successful viral campaign featuring a group of people supposedly running on water. The video suggests the sport is called Liquid Mountaineering and shows a few chaps running on water for several metres at a time before falling in.

So far the video has been viewed over 2.5 million times since it was published at the end of last month (28th April). The giveaway for the video is the huge amount of Hi-Tec branding and the close ups on the Adventure Sport range of Hi-Tec shoes used for the running on water stunts. (The other giveaway is that people can’t run on water).

Hi-Tec also created a fake blog for the Liquid Mountaineering team, go to to visit the site. The blog shows early attempts at running on water in Gerês, Portugal.

Local news stations in the USA have even been caught out reporting the story is true !. Congrats to the agency involved.

The Pirate Party Becomes The Pirate Bay’s New Host

After its previous bandwidth provider had to take the site offline due to concerns over an aggressive Hollywood injunction, today The Pirate Bay is fully back in operation with a surprising new supplier. From a few hours ago, in a move intended to “stand up for freedom of expression”, the Swedish Pirate Party became the site’s new host.
Following an injunction obtained by several major Hollywood movie studios, yesterday Pirate Bay bandwidth provider CB3ROB Ltd. & Co. KG took the decision to take the site offline while it digested the legal implications.

That meant that for several hours The Pirate Bay, for the first time in many months, was taken offline. An insider at the site told TorrentFreak that people shouldn’t worry, and that the site would soon return.

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Freetards outraged

Taken from The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs:


Just got this email from a guy at the Free Software Foundation:


We personally do not use the dieresis in our own writing, but we respect and will defend the right of the New Yorker or anyone else to do so. Who are you to just go changing the English language? And what’s next? Will you outlaw the umlaut in German? Diacritical marks in French? And while you’re at it, why not acute and grave accents? Where does it end?


Answers to those questions, in reverse order:

  • It ends where I say it ends. It’s my machine, and I decide what you can do with it. Deal.
  • The French and German stuff can stay.

    What’s next is I’m going to have Silvano, my assistant, wheel me around the Stanford Shopping Center and I’m going to point to things that I want banned.


    And who am I? I’m Steve fucking Jobs, bitch. I invented the friggin iPod. And the iPhone. And the iPad. And I’m not changing the language. I’m making it better. If you didn’t have such a massive ego you might realize that I’m doing this for your own good.